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Where do Sunderland go now - Football

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After both Tony Davison and Charlie Methven resigned from the Sunderland board 6 weeks apart Sunderland are looking in as much turmoil off the pitch as they currently are on it.

With hindsight, the sacking of Jack Ross is looking like a poor one, with Ross winning two of his first 4 games in charge of Hibernian after the Edinburgh side had only won twice in their opening 12 league games of the season. This coupled with Sunderland’s dire form since the arrival of Phil Parkinson makes the decision by Sunderland’s board look very poor indeed, one which Methven is walking away from.

At the start of the year Methven claimed 100 points was the target and anything less than promotion would be a failure, but right before probably the most important transfer window in the clubs history one of its directors, who has been so vocal about the running of the club and fans, has jumped ship. Supposedly Juan Satori has returned to the UK to be more involved in the running of the club.

What makes the resignation more surprising than the timing is Methven’s comments about the investment from FPP. It was made very clear that the £9million loan was an investment in Donald and Methven and not in Sunderland, which leads us to question what will happen with FPP’s involvement. Originally Satori was supposed to provide the funding, but since his arrival at the club, little has been revealed of his actual involvement, so his return does not instantly fill anyone with confidence that Sunderland’s fortunes can be turned round.

On the pitch, serious investment is required in signings that can propel Sunderland up the table, but with no scouting network to speak of and no funds to provide signings, Methven seems to have chosen to jump ship now before his reputation is damaged any further.