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Amazons Premier league coverage shows the way - Football

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Could Amazon's premier league coverage lead the way for a new era of Premier League coverage?

Amazon has been broadcasting all 10 Premier League games this week, staggering kick off times across 3 evenings to allow maximum viewership, in what has widely been seen as a successful week of football. It has allowed a new group of fans have simple access to Premier League football, without the ever growing cost of Sky Sports and BT Sports, along with the other benefits of Amazon Prime.

Showing more games on TV & internet is not something that should scare the Premier League. It is something that, if managed correctly, should be embraced. NFL in the US can be the perfect examples. There is a lot more option in the US for viewing their 'Football', with most games being shown live in the local area. The rule that the NFL has used (although currently suspended in 2019) has been a blackout system, where if 72 hours before kick off, if 85% of tickets have not been sold for the game then the game cannot be shown in the local area.

The technology is certainly available on the internet for this to be a possibility. It would certainly reduce the amount of people illegally streaming matches if they are readily available and if a good model can be worked out then attendances might even increase. In the US, regular season NFL matches brought average crowds of over 67,000 per game despite being available on TV.

This is something the Premier League must seriously consider, or risk alienating fans with high ticket costs and growing costs of viewing on TV.